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Syscoin Review – Is It A Good Investment?

What is Syscoin?

Syscoin started life in 2014 as a fork of Bitcoin. It was originally designed to facilitate transactions and payments on a decentralized marketplace by removing the need for third-party intermediaries and the fees they charge.

What is the purpose of Syscoin?

It is an open source blockchain platform which provides enterprise-grade infrastructure to enable the development and implementation of distributed ledger applications.

It aims to provide a complete decentralized marketplace, with no intermediaries taking fees.

Who is behind it?

Syscoin was created by Blockchain Foundry, a Canadian software development company, and is owned by Dan Wasyluk, who is the founder and CTO of Syscoin.

Dan has been in the software development industry since 1994 and has held senior positions at several companies.

Why should you invest in Syscoin?

is syscoin a good investment
Image from CoinMarketCap

It is a cryptocurrency with a market cap of $721,966,191.76 USD. Syscoin’s all-time high in price was $1.31 on January 04, 2022. There are currently 626,976,130 SYS circulating in the market.

There are a few reasons why Syscoin may be the right investment for you. It is unique in the cryptocurrency world. Instead of using the “proof of work” system, Syscoin uses the “proof of work” scheme. This makes it faster than other coins. There are also no fees or delays in sending or receiving Syscoin.


Whether youโ€™re an investor in the stock market, looking for a new coin to invest in, or just want to know what Syscoin is, this article should give you some background on why SYS is worth investing in. In short, if all goes according to plan in the coming months and years, both users and investors will be able to make use of the blockchain technology that it offers. This makes it an investment worth keeping an eye on.


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